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We love working with families and as you can see below, we'll gladly work with your's at any location; indoors or out.

Indoors - We have two simple options for indoor photography; your place or ours.  Having a photographic shoot at your place doesn't require anything else than a little open room.  We'll bring all lighting, gear, and props if needed.  On the other hand, should you choose to shoot at our location, we have a small room converted to a convenient and flexible studio.  Either way, we'll make sure you and your family are comfortable.

Outdoor - Outdoor sessions are popular in the cooler months of the year and are typically shot within one hour of sunset.  Alternatively, your session can take place early in the morning if you would prefer.  Either way, early morning or just before sunset, the natural light is most flattering, wonderfully colored, and not directly overhead as it would be during the middle of the day.  Depending on your needs, the locations we typically use for outdoor sessions are located within one of Lakeland's absolutely beautiful parks. 

Click here for our family photo shoot package options.  We also offer special Maternity and Baby Packages. If you have any questions or are ready to book, please contact us today!