Little League Sports Photography

Given that my oldest kid is currently in baseball season, we spend an average of three for four nights at the baseball complex a week. And when we're there, we see parent after parent utilizing a phone camera to document their kid's game. While phone cameras have a place for most casual shots, most of them don't contain an optical zoom adequate to get close to the action. Mobile phones lack the ability to optically zoom in to the image. Rather, they simply digitally zoom in the pixels and often leave grainy, dull, and flat photos. 

The simplest way, albeit somewhat expensive, is to use a DSLR camera with a good telephoto zoom. So, what's a telephoto zoom you ask? It's like strapping a good pair of binoculars to your camera. When it's used correctly, in conjunction with a proper exposure, it can lead to a much better and much more professional picture. 

Taking a good picture with a telephoto lens requires more than just using the lens. It requires proper exposure, setting your camera’s focus settings, establishing composure, and being prepared for the action.