My name is Chris Thomas, a Florida native who is currently very sick of the Florida heat.

I'm a photography junkie who spends each day dreaming of the next shot. Although I keep my eyes peeled for anything out of the ordinary, I tend to concentrate my efforts on four primary subjects:

  • Highly Vibrant Landscapes taking advantage of the beautiful Florida skies
  • Indoor HDR photography of museum relics
  • Family photography
  • Early morning landscape photography

Unfortunately, for my wallet, I am also technologist and am always searching for new equipment and how that equipment will translate to my real hobby, photography. 

Through this website I plan on documenting all of my photography idea, tips and techniques. However, the best part about it sharing some of the images with you. I hope you will continue to stop in to check out what's new or simply subscribe to newsletter to get automatic emails anytime something new is added. 

If you need to contact me, email is honestly the easiest and quickest way. You can email me at or fill out the form below. 

Chris Thomas, Sr.


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